The shape of plate, from design to finished product.

OUR HISTORY Silap work in the field of sheet metal processing since 1969. The business is related mainly to the sectors of energy distribution, telecommunications, electro-medical and machine tools for the textile industry. The policy of Silap has always pursued the objectives of quality and competitiveness, with constant attention to the improvement of production process management. This project was made possible thanks to the continuous improvement and technological upgrading of its machines, the implementation of the quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001, the expansion of computer components for real-time control of the entire production cycle and the continuous training of highly qualified personnel.
PROFESSIONALISM, ORGANIZATION, COMPETENCE AND EFFICIENCY These are the strengths that have enabled Silap to achieve the first target company: become a partner of our customers and not just suppliers of products. We want to offer customers a truly personalized service, taking all the solutions to optimize logistic flows, technological processes and requirements.