In order to provide a complete product, SILAP to perform welding operations and spot-welding assuring repetitiveness and accuracy. The adoption of robot has optimized production processes.

Installed machines:

  • Robotized Panasonic welding machine AWD10,  6 axes, welding machine model HF 350 PANASTAR (MIG).
  • MILLER tig welding machine and electrode 200A square wave for steel and aluminum.
  • Castolin Salteco Transmodul System welding from SODA for  mig mag welding pulsed and with electrode.
  • Gaston-350A mig welding machine for pulsed mig mag welding and with electrode with turntable
  • MILLER welding machine mig mag and electrode 242A
  • Spot-welding machine for aluminum Malaguti Lap 85 / LL / cc 100 Kva
  • Spot-welding machine Malaguti Lap 83 / LL / cc to 100 kVA for projection welding
  • Spot-welding machine lsea 35 Kva
  • Spot-welding machine Fimer 25 Kva
  • Spot welding machine Three C 25 Kva with electronic panel with periods of special materials
  • Hughes spot welding machine for welding materials galvanically treated