Making a mobile workshop was our goal. Thanks to the flexibility of the GECO SYSTEM van equipment and our expertise, we have done it!
The van converted to a mobile workshop is property of Milano Industrial, and was equipped with everything needed for road service of vans, trucks and commercial vehicles in general. The added value of Silap in sheet metal processing has allowed the creation of a special internal structure capable of supporting the required accessories and at the same time providing a stable support for equipment chosen by the customer.

The van was set up with some GECO SYSTEM drawers made by Silap, a removable air compressor with a support base, a removable vice-holder and some side panels positioned in the wheel housing, useful for protecting containers or suitcases while the vehicle is in motion. In addition, the accessories that make this van really special are related to the management of engine fluids: for these products it was decided to turn to Gartec, a leading company in the sector. According to customer specifications, 7 containers have been placed on the van to hold engine oil and antifreeze liquid, for which a customized cabinet has been created to contain them. Each of them is equipped with a pump connected through a special tube to its winder; the tube ends with a pistol equipped with a digital liter counter, in turn fixed on the structure made by Silap for this purpose.

The work has involved many hours and several people in our workforce and the result was very satisfying!
Like any new experience, this too has allowed Silap to grow one step further in this sector and thus allow our customers to increasingly take advantage of a reliable and quality service.