Silap has always been at the forefront of the technology of its systems, to optimize the efficiency of its workings and offer its customers a result always up to their expectations. In line with this philosophy, Silap has modernized its bending department by replacing two old hydraulic bending machines with two new Prima Power servo-electric bending machines of the eP series.

Prima-Power-eP-2040 Prima-Power-eP-0520

Prima Power eP-2040
Max width: 4 m
Max strength: 2000 kn

Prima Power eP-0520
Max width: 2 m
Max strength: 550 kn

These machines allow to obtain fast movements, both in acceleration and in deceleration, as well as a quick response given by the servo-electric technology. This technology is an alternative to the classic hydraulic movement and compared to this, it is more efficient about 30%, and in combination with a transmission system using fixed and mobile rollers, it is able to obtain very uniform bends on the whole the length of the machine. Finally, the Prima Power benders of the eP series are built with an “O” structure that guarantees the absence of flexions of the structure itself, allowing a correct alignment between the upper and lower tools and a better bending precision.