Customer service

Silap Power Management is able to guarantee an high quality service, as much as the power supplies that produces. Our technicians will give you support both for problems during installation or for operation as any request for spare parts or replacement under warranty, all to ensure the smallest discomfort and maintain high productivity.

Our added value

  • TECHNICAL ADVICE: any requirement the customer will implement, can consult our technical director, who together commercial agent, analyze the problem and try to find an appropriate solution that will turn into a concrete proposal, which will evolve into a customer-supplier relation that we hope will last.
  • DEMO PRODUCT: considering to ensure a customer-supplier relationship as transparent as possible, Silap Power Management is able to organize demonstrations on Series UV QBe products’ operation  at the customer’s site according to his needs. The meeting will be organized in advance to agree on the best conditions for the test to run, so as to ensure the achievement of the goals set by the client.

Support staff

Our support staff is available for any technical problems encountered during use or installation of products in the QBe. If your problem is not necessarily technical, please send an e_mail at or call 039/6085966 your agent and ask for a sales representative.

Technical support contacts for UV QBe power supplies, UV and UV LED lamps

Technical support contacts for CTRL RACK power supplies for UV LED Droled L7x lamps

Sales support contacts

Customer service phone number

telephone_iphone (+39) 039 6085966 ext. 267 (ITA) / ext. 270 (ENG)