DROLED L7x UV LED lamp by Photo Electronics

The LED UV lamps of the DROLED L7x, manufactured by Photo Electronics, series are offered in a wide range of different sizes and powers, making these lamps suitable for many applications, such as: screen printing, pad printing, offset printing, flexo and digital printing.

Our catalog ranges from small lamps from 0.1 W / cm2 for manual use up to lamps up to 16W / cm2 for high productivity industrial use. Our UV LED lamps emit UV-A / UV-V rays exploiting the emission of single diodes, assembled in an array; the LEDs are current-controlled by a microprocessor electronics, integrated in the lamp.

DROLED UV LED lamps emit a different spectrum than traditional UV lamps, since the emission peak is much more selective and centered on specific wavelengths ; this is why it is necessary to use products (paints, inks, etc.) specifically designed to react to UV LED light.

Technical data

Lamp power supply
48V DC ± 0.2 V
Maximum power consuption
from 20 to 3000 W (per singola lampada)
Single lamp size
  • for manual use:
    49.5 mm – h 126.5 mm
  • for industrial use:
    da 43 x 136 x h 289 mm a 403 x 136 x h 266 mm
Distance between LED module and working surface from 1 to 15 mm

All the lamps of the DROLED L7x series have built-in electronics and drivers and are air-cooled by fans integrated in the body. Moreover the L70 and L74 models have a serial port with VGA connector (RS485 protocol), which allows cascade connection up to 8 lamps and to use a single system to control them.

Model Power density
Lamps size [mm] Window size [mm] Available optical systems
(see the pane below)
Droled L70 8-16 365-385/395/405 Min. 40 x 136 x 289
Max 403 x 136 x 266
Min. 40 x 17
Max 403 x 20
Droled L74 8-12 365-385/395/405 Min. 80 x 52 x 151
Max 235 x 152 x 151
Min. 80 x 17
Max 235 x 20
Droled L75 3-4 365-385/395/405 Min. 76 x 128 x 64,5
Max 113 x 139 x 64,5
Min. 76 x 8
Max 113 x 8
Droled L76 3-7 365-385/395/405 Min. 76 x 132,5 x 64,5
Max 113 x 152 x 64,5
Min. 76 x 8
Max 113 x 8

Each UV LED lamp model is available in different sizes and can support one or more types of optical systems to improve performance or adapt to specific needs.

Allows complete polymerization a few millimeters from the radiation window
Allows complete polymerization far from the radiation window
It allows the gelification and pinning of inks through direct beam
It allows the gelification and pinning of inks through angled beam