Product philosophy

Silap Power Management is on the market as a company that offers a complete service to its customers, which include the following steps:

  • Mechanical design:
    Assessing the most suitable materials to application context and study their characteristics, they were held in conjunction with a careful design of the space with the aim of ensuring the good operation and stability of every product made
  • Electrical design:
    Skills acquired in electronics by our technicians, let us to produce technologically advanced and more efficient products, both in terms of production that energy savings
  • Product manufacturing:
    Our production unit has the equipments and the skills to make good quality products that meet the requirements in the design phase, also makes the functional tests (mechanical and electrical) of the final product, releasing documentation of the work performed
  • Marketing:
    Our network of sales engineers is able to support customers in choosing the most suitable product, also trying to meet the needs of payment
  • After-sales:
    Our technicians are available to support customers who claims some malfunction of the product, leading whenever possible to solve the problem